Welcome to Bay Area History Alliance

Join us in our Mighty Network

What is BAHA?

We are a network of Bay Area history professionals, employed at Bay Area historical museums, sites, and societies who have come together to form a network for collaboration and shared resources.
We are not a non-profit, we are simply a network for quick and easy communication.

Why You Should Join Us

If you are interested in quickly and easily connecting with colleagues around the Bay Area to discuss issues that effect us locally in our mission to engage and educate our local communities, then BAHA is for you!

The Fine Print

Members should be employed by a local history organization, this includes board members or volunteers who run sites. 

Ideally, members will have the support of their organization behind them when joining BAHA.

You agree to rotating administration duties.

BAHA is volunteer run, and every member takes part! To guarantee the longevity of BAHA, all members take ownership in keeping it going.
Each year, two member organizations will be assigned "Moderator" duties for maintaining the network. Tasks include:
  • Making sure the BAHA domain is renewed.
  • Making sure the Mighty Network subscription is renewed.
  • Approving new members
  • Arranging the quarterly meetings (secure the date and location) and post calendar events for each one.
  • Sending out network-wide updates and posting calendar events.
  • Collecting annual membership dues from each organization, and post the accounting details.
  • Managing Google Workspace, as needed

Quarterly Meetings

4 times a year, we will have an in-person meeting at a local history site for members to come together to share projects we have been working on, discuss areas of concerns, and simply enjoy each other's company. 
The first meeting of the year will also be when we assign new Moderators and collect membership dues.
Perhaps your site will offer to host one day! We would love to visit.


The Mighty Network platform that we are using to host the BAHA network carries an annual fee. Currently it is $396. The cost will be evenly divided among each member organization. Each organization just pays one fee, no matter if they have one staff member or ten staff members using the BAHA network.
Membership dues are currently (as of 2023) $40/year for each organization, due by the first meeting of the year. ***Join for FREE*** and see if you like what BAHA has to offer. Payment is not due until January 31, 2023.
As more organizations join, if we end up with excess money, then the excess funds can be divided among the 4 host sites for the quarterly meeting to supplement any costs for hosting (like providing lunches). Alternatively, we can vote to lower the annual dues or provide scholarships to organizations that cannot afford the cost. We currently have a poll running so people can vote on what to do with excess funds.